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I was born at 1979 May 14, studied in middle school and musical school (flute classes). Since 1997 I work in Physics Institute of Saint-Petersburg State University. At 2007 I become tech leader in automation industry for government and banking.


I work as a integration services and security officer in large automation company. We do many projects designed to automate government and banking business-processes. For university I also do some prepress design of books. Additionally I'm microelectronics repairer and developer.


My full name is Dmitry Sergueevich Veselov, I'm 23 years old, born in St.Petersburg, Russia. Live in Petrodvoretz, St.-Petersburg's beautiful suburb, mostly know for its biggest fountain park. My virtual name is KaB00m. People asks what means this name? The answer is in the old game "Jagged Alliance".

I like cars, I like heavy cars, trucks, heavy russian cars, tough choppers. My dream to drive a subway train, but my best favour is heavy motorcycles.

I'm highly-skilled in computer science. I am very oriented in unix and CLI, starting from Redhat 4.2 and NetBSD 1.4. Now I am completely in it and use FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, Debian/SuSe linuses daily. And of course I am big fan of Cisco CLI and vim editor as well.

Since I was grown on early computers I love some old well-done games and have big archive of them.

I like old hardware and have some of it in my personal museum.


Primary e-mail: kab00m at
Social account: Vkontakte
FidoNet address: 2:5030/175.1002
ICQ UIN#: 6809219 icon
Work phone: +7-(812)-309-2594

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