Documentation library

This archive contains long-term collection of useful documentation. Some of them are still available from vendors, some are very hard to find. All the collection exists for historical reasons, for dealing with old hardware. If any rights have been violated by publishing this content - contact me and content will be removed.

Document sets collections
User manuals collection A set of user manuals - motherboards and other stuff
Datasheet collection Big set of datasheets, some of them really rare
Total Hardware 1999 Big illustrated book of jumper settings (18655 devices
Media collections
Nice flash movies My little collection of nice flash movies
Brig 101 Brig 101 russian amplifier schematics
My own projects about computers
Asterisk/Cisco hacks Help about settling Asterisk and various phones
Multiboot CD-ROM Help about making native multiboot CD
CD restoration utility Hardware utility to restore CD-ROMs
Miscellaneous documents
Relation dictionary Russian dictionary of relative names
Web Colors Web Colors Page

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